Human Rights Education Programm in Nepal

Human rights education is not only about courses and seminars. It is about all the learning processes that contibute to the promotion and protection of human rights . It could be a seminar for politicians on human rights compliance in legislatioon, a seven day course human riths educators on learning processes, or a year long dialogue with educational institutions about organizing their institution through a human riths based process.

Human rights education is a process about human riths,s for human rights and throught human rithts.

Education about human rithts is education intended to deliver knowledge of types of rights, international legal instruments, and mechanisms for promotion human riths and ensuring human rights compliance . An example would be a course for civil servants on the internaitonal human rights law relating to their area of work and their duties in securing certain rights .

Education through humasn rights is a process of creating a learning environment thtat is demonstrates human rights principles and promotes human rights - a human rights based approach to education. The educator deliberately acts in accordance with human rights by promoting equal treatment and empowering decision making processes among educatioon participants. Nepal also do this by promoting awareness of the importance of accountability by conducting ongoing evaluations of their own performance.

Education through human rights also refers to the structure within which the learning process takes place. An example is the project conduted by Cef-Nepal at the Guidberg School, where all decision making processes and mothods of cooperation and teaching wre viewd through a human rights lens and adapted accordingly.

CEF-Nepal has developed a strong human rights based learning methodology that promotes participation, empowerment, accoountability, and antidiscrimiation in every aspect of the learning process. Our ability to promote human rights is not only about what we say, but also what we do .

While ducation about human rights targets rights holders, duty bearers, actors anmd orgganisations with a mandate to promote human rights, education for human rights , education for human rights targets onlyu the latter. Education through human rights strenghtens all these institiutions, and may even serve as a vehicle for human rights promotion where the specific course taught that does not explicity refer to the promotion of human rights.

For CEF-nepal , education is a mean of spreading the knowledge and metholdologyies that CEF-Nepal and its partners have developed on human rights and human rights promotion, Education is not about one way communication and boring power point slides and presentations.

Education is a process of communication and learning where the participants get new and relevant knowledge on human rights , where their attitudes on human rights are challenged and their understanding of human rights is strengthened, and where they are better able to apply work parctices in compliance with human rights and to promote human rights. This requires tailor made and long term learning processes with practical and interactive elements and with a strong focus on how the participants will apply what they learn when they return to their work environment.